Hexagon Cup

A court specially designed for the HEXAGON CUP: the brand-new global padel competition for private teams.

Portico Sport: Court Supplier of the Padel event of the year

Portico Sport is the Official Court Supplier of Hexagon Cup, an original competition that aims to transform the world of Padel. For this unique event, our engineers have designed an exclusive court that will captivate both players and spectators.

In light of the sport’s unprecedented growth, we are delight to collaborate in this event to expand the sport while creating unforgettable experiences for Padel players worldwide.

What’s the Hexagon Cup?

The Hexagon Cup is a unique competition, with a revolutionary format. Featuring the world’s best players, they will compete in international Teams for a massive 1 million euro prize fund.

Between January 31st and February 4th, 2024, the prestigious Madrid Arena will host the event, with 11,000 seats at its central court.

jan 31
& 4 Febr

Special INDOOR
Design, innovation and technology

Hexagon Cup:
A new panoramic flow court

The exclusive panoramic flow court for HEXAGON CUP is the ideal court for this indoor event thanks to its glass walls that provide a panoramic view of the surroundings, creating a unique and exciting playing experience for everyone.

The structure is designed to perfectly integrate and provide unobstructed views for the audience, which is ideal for the continuous matches they will see at Madrid Arena.

Technical Specifications

The main attraction of this court is its innovative artificial turf. With a never-before-seen unique color, exclusive color created for the Hexagon Cup, that will amaze players as it is high-quality, resistant, and durable to withstand the intense pace of matches during the event.

Purple textured curled fibres, whose composition achieves a perfect balance between grip and slide, creating a stable surface for players to make comfortable and secure movements. Simultaneously, the ball will experience a natural bounce across every point on the court.

This court is characterized by a meticulously crafted aesthetic and the use of premium quality materials.

The blue-colored structure of the Hexagon Cup court has been meticulously crafted, utilizing galvanized steel profiles, and decorated with exclusive backlighting featuring the logo. The structure is assembled using self-locking safety screws and nuts made of galvanized steel.

Electro-welded mesh is used to complement the side and top frames in accordance with UNE-EN-10223-4.

The lighting will feature specially designed V-shaped spotlights, created specifically for the Hexagon Cup, providing more than 2400W for the main court located in the Madrid Arena.

A significant customization will be visible on the court, encompassing both structural reinforcements and all auxiliary elements.

Enjoy Hexagon Cup,

admire our Padel Court and witness the magic unfold on the court!